Friday Favourites

cable knit

{I love a good grey cable knit sweater for fall}

With summer almost coming to an end, I can’t help but feel as if I didn’t do enough this summer, or accomplish enough. It was an overall great summer, but it’s slightly worrying. This weekend, I’m hoping I will be able to check off a few more things I had mentioned in my summer to-do list . Here’s to hoping, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

friday favourites

{Perfect way to transition from summer to fall}

friday favourites

{Cool way to wear Birks}

friday favourites

{This coat is an awesome piece for fall}

Friday favourites

{I think this may be my go-to look in the near future}

Back-to-School Basics

back-to-school basicsOnce the end of summer hits, I start to get a bit sad. The luxury of; sleeping in, those long warm nights where all you want to do is walk for days, and the ability to not have a care in the world, are all coming to an end. But aside from what’s to come; late nights reading, exams and 15-page papers, there is a nostalgic element when getting ready for school. When I start doing my back-to-school shopping I remember when I used to go with my mom and how ridiculously fun it was, and how I wanted shiny new everything. Now, years later, I may not be grabbing for that barbie pencil case like I did in grade 2, but I will always get that little bit of excitement, like I did in grade 2.

Here are the items on my back-to-school wishlist:
1. Maybe the pencil case will remind me to not forget my glasses…and vice versa? $28
2. Headphones are a must for me, can’t go a day without them $199
3. I like to try and stay organized, and this agenda is too cute to pass up $36
4. A good plaid shirt is the perfect layering buddy, and they’ve become staples in my wardrobe $65
5. A sturdy backpack is absolutely necessary when carrying all your textbooks $248
6. (Cute)track pants, need I say more? $39 (on sale!)

Remnants of Summer

kimono love

{Forever21 tank, Angie Kimono (similar here and here), Jewelmint necklace, Gap jeans, Shoemint heels, Vintage clutch}

The weather as of late has been reminding me more and more of fall. It’s not cold or anything, but a bit rainy and cloudy. Of course you don’t hear me complaining or anything, this weather is perfect for light layers, which is my favourite. This past weekend was quite a lazy one, with a trip to Ikea, and a whole lot of relaxing, so I just threw on a pair of jeans, crop top, my kimono and trusty shoemint heels. Such a breezy outfit, it’s officially going to be on repeat.  kimono love2 kimono love3 kimono love4 kimono love5 kimono love6 kimono love7

Friday Favourites


{I love the cranberry wool hat and leather jacket combo}

This week has been an interesting one. Mainly as I try and get into the groove of writing this blog as a one man woman act. I’m not saying it’s hard or anything, but rather a new adjustment. Aside from that, I’ve been giddy about it almost being Fall, and I’ll be letting you guys in on my Fall wishlist soon!
Till then, happy Friday!!


{This will be an easy updo for school}


{Muted green coat for Fall? I think so}


{Dresses and booties will be staples for me this Fall}


{Black becomes necessary during the Fall months}

August Must Haves

scarfLast month I showed you guys a few things that I just couldn’t stop reaching for. First up is this scarf, lately, we have been experiencing some really chilly nights and this scarf has become my new obsession. This scarf alone will keep me warm without adding any extra layers, I can only imagine how it will be when I add a sweater to it – it’s the perfect transitional piece to take me from the end of summer – fall – winter.

headphonesThese headphones are game changers. I just recently got them when I found them on major discount and was ridiculously excited. I have been desperately needing a new pair of headphones since mine broke (forever ago) and could not be happier. They totally look like the perfect accessory, they’re sleek, black and gold, can’t ask for anything more.

bootiesMy suede booties have also been a staple for me this month. I had been wanting the Sam Edelman pair for quite some time but could NOT justify spending the money on them. I knew I would wear them constantly but because they were suede, it was just too tough. But, no worries, because I found these bad boys at Old Navy and noticed the ridiculous amount of similarity they shared with the Sam Edelman pair, plus they are a fraction of the price and bonus, they were on sale…BONUS (round of applause anyone?). They’re super comfy which is always the cherry on my sundae.

perfumeI know I’ve mentioned that I like fruitier scents in the summer time, mainly because they’re lighter and just remind me more of those hot summer days. But when I found this scent, which let me tell you, was completely out of my element. But I decided to go for it anyways, and if I’m going out at night, I make sure to throw it in my bag before I leave and my boyfriend loves it – that’s when you know it’s a keeper.