Men’s Gift Guide – 2014

men's gift guide 2014

This men’s gift guide was probably the most fun. Although these are not all things I’d get my man, I know there are plenty of guys who love a good cup of joe! All that aside, I brought in some gifts for any type of guy. These are some great ideas, and I hope this gives you some last minute inspiration if you were stuck on what to get that special guy of yours!

1. This app is for the musician in your life, he will forever appreciate this – so convenient ($40)
2. These headphones are an awesome colour, and we all know how awesome they are ($220)
3. Perfect for a java lover, this coffee maker will keep both of you happy ($160)
4. This set will get your man’s skin nice and smooth, who doesn’t want that? ($57)
5. The new iPad mini will give him the perfect reason to beat candycrush ($439)
6. The GoPro Hero 4 is a great idea for an adventerous guy, or if he is going on a trip soon! ($570)
7. This is a really cool gift, and if he’s crafty enough could make for a great drink ($49.50)

*And if you’re interested here’s last years gift guide for men

Holiday Gift Guide Under $100 – 2014


Here are some great gift ideas if you’re willing to spend a little extra!

1. skincare set perfect for these winter months ($49)
2. a gorgeous necklace perfect for the holidays ($68)
3. basically every girl I know wants a polaroid camera and this one is adorable ($99)
4. perfect way to help her start her New Years resolution, I know this is on my list ($100)
5. this cute sweater definitely shows how much you care ($68)
6. perfect fun and glittery clutch ($90)

Holiday Gift Guide Under $25 – 2014

holiday gift guide

Honestly, I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of my favourite times of the year, this and Thanksgiving. I can’t get enough of the holiday baking, the holiday sales and just being around family and friends…I don’t even totally dislike the cold Canadian weather. But, along with the season comes the Christmas shopping, which you’d think I love…but….it can get difficult. So, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume I’m not the only one with this problem, so I’m coming up with a couple gift guides this year to help get those creative juices flowing and help you hopefully find the perfect gift for your special someone!

1. “The world is my oyster” on a classic pouch ($18)
2. A few of Tarte’s bestsellers ($23)
3. A candle that makes me think of champagne ($22.50)
4. This is the perfect way to get your beauty sleep ($16)
5. These mitts are so cute! ($23)
6. I love monogrammed mugs, and this one’s perfect ( $12)

Here are the gift guides from last here, one and two

School Year

quoteI try to continuously tell myself that once this year is over, it will be so worth it. That the hardest part will be over, and I can finally take a breath and relax. But until I reach that point, I’m a ball of stress that just keeps growing. Maybe I took on too much this year, maybe I’m in over my head. But now is not the time to try and fix that, so I guess all I can do is embrace it….

This is how I’ve been feeling for the past couple months, not really sure how I will be able to get everything done by their due dates, and still have something similar to a life. But it’s a race to the finish line that I intend on winning.

As this term is coming to an end, and dare I say it, the year, I can’t help but think about what this school has taught me. People have continuously told me that these years would be the best of my life, and I can’t help but reply with the fact that they are also the most challenging, tiring, and probably the most stressful. But I must admit, I have learned quite a bit about myself. I’ve learned that I don’t crumble under pressure, I do whatever I can do get the work done – even if it means I’ll be up all night to finish it. I’ve learned how to become a strong independent woman, not needing to rely on my parents; but have learned to accept help when I know I need it, making sure my pride doesn’t get the best of me. I’ve learned how to cherish my friends, although I may be WAY too busy to get in touch with them all the time, I know they’re there and I will never forget it. I’ve learned how to love, which may sound silly, but I’d be incomplete without my favourite man in the world.

So while I sit here, and complain about another due date, or another midterm, I remember, that as this year slowly comes to a close, I have to appreciate my years in university because they helped shape who I am today.


Thanksgiving Weekend Recap 2

thanksgiving recap

{Never enough pumpkin spice lattes in my life}

This post is a bit overdue, but I’m glad to finally let you guys in on my Thanksgiving weekend. Last year I gave you guys a recap so I thought I would do something similar to fill you all in. Just like I have mentioned, I love Thanksgiving and probably get as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning (which also excites me). It’s the beginning of the holiday season, I get to spend time with friends, I get to see my boyfriend (and convince him to do all the festive activities), and just relax. I must admit, I’ve been quite blessed for the people I have in my life, and am also so grateful for you guys, especially for putting up with my lack of posts.

What are you guys grateful for? Let me know!!

thanksgiving recap2

{Alecs and I got some fall pictures in this year – go us!}

thanksgiving recap4

{Can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without celebrating Oktoberfest}

thanksgiving recap5

{Fallen leaves and a cute dog}

thanksgiving recap6

{Fall in the city}

thanksgiving recap3 thanksgiving recap7