What’s in my Gym Bag – Beginner’s Edition

what's in my gym bag?I recently got a gym membership and have been pretty dedicated to just get into shape. I can honestly say that a month ago I was what many claim as “skinny fat”, now I’m not saying a miracle has taken place and I am completely toned up and looking like a completely different person, but I have been noticing some small changes over the course of this month and I have become so proud. Now, as I mentioned, I’m definitely a beginner when talking about the area of fitness, but I’ve been hitting the gym close to five times a week, so I feel like I have a good idea of what is needed in a gym bag for all you ladies! So here goes nothing…

1. To start off, a great gym bag is a great first step. Now, don’t be worried about spending a little more on it because I would definitely consider it an investment. This bag is a great option, but if you’re more into backpacks, this is also an awesome alternative.
2. Running shoes are definitely another area that you may want to invest a little more money on, you will be wearing them every time you hit the gym and they keep you comfortable and safe. I personally opt for Nike, but Addidas, New Balance and Reebok are all good options as well. Getting a fun colour is also a great idea, because you will WANT to go to the gym and pull out something that will put a smile on your face
3. Gym clothes are definitely important, I usually run to the gym before or after work, so I always have a change of clothes for the gym in my bag. This usually consists of a pair of tights, tanks, workout bra, and socks
4. A water bottle is another necessity for me, I feel like I go through so many water bottles; I make sure that I have a reusable one in order to keep the environment safe on my own personal level, and in a fun colour to help make sure I do stay hydrated. I use this one because I can use it to shake up some protein powder after my workouts too!
5. I keep a makeup pouch in my backpack too; it keeps not just my deodorant, face wipes (these are great without stripping natural oils), and body spray but, it also keeps a few items that allows me to freshen myself up. Including this powder, concealer, lipstick, highlighter and mascara. Along with some extra hair elastics and bobby pins in case I loose any, that of which happens way too often
6. Headphones are really important, especially when I need an extra pump of energy to get me through an extremely hard workout

*I usually also always carry some snacks, usually protein heavy for an after workout pick me up

Short & Sweet

Summer Casual

{Dress American Eagle, Jacket Gap, Handbag Vintage Coach, Shoes Local Boutique, similar}

After the nausea that came from turning 23, I felt like I needed to change something, or do something different. So I went to my hairdresser and told her I wanted to chop off a good chunk of hair. Now, I’m not someone who is really concerned about changing up my hair on a regular basis, but I haven’t had my hair this short since I first started dating Alecs, about four years ago – so this was definitely a big change. But I have to admit that I’m currently loving it, it’s just so low maintenance, which is perfect for me, especially during the summer. That’s why I’m loving this dress right now, it flows, but is casual yet still allows you to still look put together. I just know this will be a go-to during these summer months. Summer Casual Summer Casual Summer Casual Summer Casual

twenty three

23As another year passes and I get that much closer to the age where all responsibility will hit me in the face unexpectedly, I can’t help but wonder, what now? I sit here and even wonder whether this past year has really changed me, or if I’m still the same person I was at 22, I mean, how much can a person change in just one year? Yes, I’ve changed the colour of my hair, even cut it shorter, my boyfriend has finally moved home, I’ve graduated with a BA, and even been accepted to another program. So sure, you could say a lot of things in my life have changed, but does that mean that I have changed as a person?
It is definitely interesting to see how someone’s life can change so drastically in such a short period of time, a year, but when you sit down and realize exactly everything you’ve been through, it’s amazing.

March Beauty Buys

March Beauty BuysThis week was a little more focused towards makeup, I’ve just been having some pretty good luck with what I’ve been using so far, and don’t want to rock the boat. There are some products I have on mind that I want to try – I just haven’t been able to get my hands on them yet! Anyways, over the past month these three products have been on constant rotation since I purchased them, basically using them everyday, I just can’t get enough.

March Beauty BuysHello lip gloss! I tend to be particularly picky about my lip glosses. I can’t explain why, I find that some are too sticky, and I hate that, and for the most part, I think a lot of people feel the same way! This was recommended to me from a friend, and I’ve become obsessed – it’s the perfect nude and it’s called beige. Good job NYX!

March Beauty BuysNow this highlighter, oh my god. Really? Could it be anymore beautiful? I really don’t think so. I love creamy products, they are awesome for the summer because they give that absolutely gorgeous dewy sheen that I’m always after…even as an oily skinned girl! I absolutely recommend it to anyone, and the tube will probably last for a lifetime.

March beauty buysLastly, this contour kit. I finally took the plunge and got myself one. For a while I had been thinking about getting the Anastasia contour kit, but when this one came out, I knew this was the one I wanted. The shades are buttery soft, and blend in so beautifully. It just has all the shades I need to accomplish the perfect contour.

Easy Stuffed Peppers

easy stuffed peppers
Once in awhile, when school isn’t kicking my butt, I like to help around in the kitchen. Although I don’t do it often, I think cooking is somewhat soothing, and eases my head of anything that I may be stressing over. This past weekend, my mom and I found this great recipe for easy stuffed peppers which we obviously needed to try ASAP. Not only were they super delicious, but they were healthy as well. For a quick and tasty treat, I would totally recommend!

We did add ground turkey for some extra protein as well
If anyone decides to try them out, take a picture and upload it to instagram or twitter with the hashtag #thebrunettebitrecipeeasy stuffed peppers easy stuffed peppers easy stuffed peppers