What I’ve learned in my 20s: Honesty

honestyToday we’re going to do something a little different than usual with this post. This is something everyone probably deals with on a regular basis, and it’s about being honest – with yourself, and others. It’s just so easy to say, and we’ve probably had it engrained into our brains by all of our peers since the day we could probably talk  – just be honest. Whether it was when we spilled the entire bottle of nail polish on the white kitchen floor, or we stole the cookie from our brother, or we got the same sweater as our best friend. Whatever it was we’ve questioned whether being honest was in fact the best policy to abide by. Sure it has always been easier to tell a white lie, make our lives a little easier – but what happens when our lies catch up to us? When we can’t remember the last lie we said?

Believe me when I say that I’ve learned this the hard way. I had never thought that a white lie could do any harm to anyone. These lies were nothing extravagant, but they served their purpose and helped me get out of some super sticky situations. But they always seemed to come back and haunt me, in an attempt to not hurt anyone’s feelings, to make myself seem more popular, or to even make myself feel better when I couldn’t go to the semi-formal.

I’ve learned since hitting my 20s that just being honest is really always the best policy – no one was lying. Who cares if I truly am devoted to almond milk, or what kind of milk I order in my coffee at Starbucks? Who cares if I got a handbag on sale or full-price? No one. Rather, being honest is liberating, and really allows me to be exactly who I want to be; have friends that like me for who I truly am and not the fake me I think they want to hang out with.

Of course it’s a continuous struggle to really be confident enough in yourself that you don’t have to continuously worry about what your friends are thinking – or even your peers. But you just have to trust yourself, and know that who you are is better…way better than the façade you put up everyday – you want to be authentic, your own person, original. So be you. Don’t lie your way through life.

Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie


{I was actually meditating here – surprise photo!}

20150609_121951 20150609_122451 20150609_122856 This has become an absolute favourite for me lately. Peanut butter has become a slight addiction for me, so this smoothie gives me the flavour while still filling me up after a good workout. You can definitely adjust this if you need something that is more satisfying, or if you have chocolate protein powder, you could make it into a chocolate peanut butter smoothie.

Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 banana
2 tbsp unsalted peanut butter (if you have it)
1 scoop vanilla (or chocolate) protein powder
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend it on high until all ingredients are mixed and there are no remaining lumps of banana left

Summer Basics

Summer Basics1

{American Eagle top (similar and here), cardigan (similar) and jeans, Vintage Coach handbag, gifted Pandora necklace, shoes from a local boutique, Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Fiore}

First, I must say, that anything in black or white are absolute staples in my wardrobe; they’re able to be paired with anything and look completely chic, which makes them absolute necessities. Next, I have to admit that pairing black and white together with a bold lip, is my favourite, especially when the lip accessorizes a casual look – it takes basics to another level. So far, this season has been all about pieces that make me feel put together, but are so comfortable and this look is a go-to for that. I feel like I’m wearing my favourite Roots sweats and my boyfriends sweater…isn’t that every girl’s dream?Summer Basics2 Summer Basics3 Summer Basics4 Summer Basics5

Summer To-Do List

Summer to-do list

Every time June rolls around, I start to get super excited that summer is just around the corner. Although this past weekend has been on the…colder side…and rainier side…to say the least, I can’t help but think about those perfect summer days to start some new adventures. Here is my ever so wishful list of fun things I’d like to accomplish this season:

1. Master a go-to summer salad for summer BBQs
2. Try Korean BBQ
3. Make a trip to my boyfriend and I’s favourite ice cream spot at least once (maybe more)
4. Shuck oysters
5. Host a smores + campfire night with my girlfriends
6. Bike all trails in the city
7. Keep the ritual of watching fireworks in Ottawa for Canada Day
8. Make a spontaneous trip to some place I’ve never been, even if just a new cafe
9. Attempt to cook a meal once a week for my family
10. Try to bring back yoga into my daily routine, even if just a pose a day

If interested, here’s last years to-do list!

What’s in my Gym Bag – Beginner’s Edition

what's in my gym bag?I recently got a gym membership and have been pretty dedicated to just get into shape. I can honestly say that a month ago I was what many claim as “skinny fat”, now I’m not saying a miracle has taken place and I am completely toned up and looking like a completely different person, but I have been noticing some small changes over the course of this month and I have become so proud. Now, as I mentioned, I’m definitely a beginner when talking about the area of fitness, but I’ve been hitting the gym close to five times a week, so I feel like I have a good idea of what is needed in a gym bag for all you ladies! So here goes nothing…

1. To start off, a great gym bag is a great first step. Now, don’t be worried about spending a little more on it because I would definitely consider it an investment. This bag is a great option, but if you’re more into backpacks, this is also an awesome alternative.
2. Running shoes are definitely another area that you may want to invest a little more money on, you will be wearing them every time you hit the gym and they keep you comfortable and safe. I personally opt for Nike, but Addidas, New Balance and Reebok are all good options as well. Getting a fun colour is also a great idea, because you will WANT to go to the gym and pull out something that will put a smile on your face
3. Gym clothes are definitely important, I usually run to the gym before or after work, so I always have a change of clothes for the gym in my bag. This usually consists of a pair of tights, tanks, workout bra, and socks
4. A water bottle is another necessity for me, I feel like I go through so many water bottles; I make sure that I have a reusable one in order to keep the environment safe on my own personal level, and in a fun colour to help make sure I do stay hydrated. I use this one because I can use it to shake up some protein powder after my workouts too!
5. I keep a makeup pouch in my backpack too; it keeps not just my deodorant, face wipes (these are great without stripping natural oils), and body spray but, it also keeps a few items that allows me to freshen myself up. Including this powder, concealer, lipstick, highlighter and mascara. Along with some extra hair elastics and bobby pins in case I loose any, that of which happens way too often
6. Headphones are really important, especially when I need an extra pump of energy to get me through an extremely hard workout

*I usually also always carry some snacks, usually protein heavy for an after workout pick me up