Friday Favourites

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great week! Below are some of our Friday Favourites - share yours with us too! Have a happy Easter! Favourite Warm Weather Heels: Favourite Spring Trend: Lace and Floral Favourite Advice: Favourite Trip: Portugal! Favourite Work Attire: Favourite Drink: Sun Tea


Spring Perfection

[spring make-up] I had never completely understood the full essence of make-up throughout high school and part way through university. My best friend, who is basically a beauty god, continuously challenged this choice of mine, and over time, she got me hooked. Although I cannot admit to wearing it everyday...usually I'm rushing out the door …

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Behind the Scenes

[Spring Purse] Every woman's purse is a back-door into her life. Here's a sneak peek into the busy life of a young entrepreneur always on the go. [Work Agenda, Makeup Bag, Twilight Woods Hand Cream, Breath Mints and Gum, Hair Clip, Wallet (Similar one here), Writing Supplies, and a book] These are the staples I …

Spring Closet Checklist

With spring in our forefront, I've noticed over the years that there are a couple closet necessities that you can't live without for spring. In┬áthis post, I showed some pieces that are currently on trend for this season, that you can definitely incorporate into your wardrobe, but these pieces I'm going to show you today …