Work Attire Etiquette


Working an office job can vary from stagnant to frantic.

On a regular day, my life is hectic and fast-paced. Whether it’s taking long meetings or collaborating on new partnerships, I always find myself running between extremities, usually with a cup of coffee in hand. Below are some quick tips that I’ve learned in my time working in an office environment:

  • Wear comfortable heels. If your job is anything like mine, you can never know where your next adventure will come from.
  • Opt for flattering, yet modest, attires. Your skirt/dress cannot be shorter than a couple of inches above the knee. Professionalism is key in a work environment, and if you want to be taken seriously, you must dress the part.
  • Wear your hair in an elegant manner, as time allows. Mornings aren’t my favourite and most days I find myself running out the door in a frenzy, however, sometimes I like to wake up a little earlier and try a more sophisticated hairstyle. (See high bun photo below)
  • Your makeup should not stop anyone in their tracks. Try going for a more natural look –  nude or fruity coloured lipstick, mascara and a touch of blush.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to smile. A genuine smile will go a long way.



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