Spring Bucket List

Happy first day of spring!

Below are some of my ‘must-do’ things this spring.

  1. Gardening:gardening

Few things feel better than getting on your hands and knees and planting a fresh bulb.

         2. Hiking:


This spring I plan to hit the trails surrounding my city and explore places I haven’t been to before. A little fresh air and natural exercise is the best remedy after a stressful day.

3.  Leaning to Cook:


And by this I mean really cook. While I am fully experienced in the art of scrambled eggs, I’d love to pick up a few other trades as well.

    4. Reading Different Kinds of Books:


While I’m known to read a lot, I’m also known to stick to the same genres. This spring I plan to branch out into different avenues and see what I find.

   5. Making More Time For Friends:


Between working long hours and spending time with the sick kids at the hospital, I barely have any time left to spend it with friends. With the promising warmer weather ahead, I foresee many girl nights filled with patio drinks, frozen yogurt and tons of chatting.

What are some of your ‘must-do’ items this spring?


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