Friday Favourites


Hi everyone!

Hope you had an incredible week – we’ve had some rain storms where we live! Out come the rainboots and umbrellas!

Despite the rain and the gloom, we still found some things to make us smile this past week. Check them out!

Friday Favourites[Enjoying the best iced coffee from Matter of Taste]

tumblr_mksy7qoyRb1rj8ytfo1_500[Lauren Conrad – My ultimate inspiration]

This week has been overly busy, so busy it’s been hard to enjoy the simpler things in life. Exams are here and I’ve been quarantined in my room studying. Although last weekend I had a wonderful time, having my boyfriend visit from Ottawa, this weekend will the complete opposite. But I hope everyone has a great weekend, for those who aren’t in exams, and for those who are…study hard!!!

Friday favourites[Something I found to hold all my matches]

63e91151cc829841ae44ed05f432d8d7[Beautiful spring dress]

Friday favourites[Lucky day: finding leftover Easter chocolate]

84ab5794a2d8bfb74efa844276aa05a2[For us “always-on-the-run” ladies]

What are some of your favourite things from this past week?


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