Make Nanna Proud


It’s the annual Christmas dinner at Nanna’s house and you’re all sitting around the table enjoying a nice meal, until Nanna perks up and asks “So honey, what have you been up to?”. And the whole table goes quiet. And Nanna turns up her hearing aid. And your gulp is audible to the whole room.

“Well, Nanna, funny you should ask…”

Instead of twisting and fidgeting, and racking your brain for that one nice thing you did this year, be the kind of person your grandmother will be proud of. Be the kind of person that anyone would be proud to be seen with.

A gentle and open person is much more likely to attract positive energy, studies show. So be kind and passionate about the good things in your life. Spend time with people who need it, get involved in important projects, ace all your classes, be active.

This way, you can have a satisfied grin on your face when you end that conversation with “Please pass the potatoes”.


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