Mother’s Day Gift Guide

While some may argue that Mother’s Day is just another “Hallmark holiday,” I beg to differ. I think it is the perfect excuse to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her. Whether you present her with a thoughtful gift or make her something special–it’s the thought that counts. At the end of the day, moms just want a little love and recognition. Living at home, I get the chance to spoil my mom, this year it’s bonding time with mani/pedis. For anyone in a bind on deciding what to do for your mothers, I put together a little gift guide…


mothers day gift guide


1. A mani/pedi. Your mom will feel like a queen for the day, and it’s great bonding time!

2. A cute summer scarf.  Is the perfect addition to her wardrobe.

3. An e-reader. Is perfect for travelling and easy to carry in her purse.

4. Bubble bath soap. Perfect to help relax after a long day at work.

5. Everyday bag. Perfect for the on-the-go mom!

6. Brown sugar body polish. For that perfect touch of luxury.

7. Personalized phone case. An easy remembrance.

8. Statement necklace. A little bit of sparkle goes a long way.


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