Friday Favourites

Friday FavouritesCute way that perfectly explains my mantra

Exams are over!!!!! Lets just take a moment and celebrate. Now that this week is coming to an end, I’m ready to relax, sit down with a glass of wine and catch up on a bunch of television. I hope all of you get the chance this weekend to take a couple hours and relax, to remember those moments that help keep your head held high, even if its been a challenging week and all you want to do is hide under the covers.

Happy weekend


94c30e6cce61e4d9ac0967f2358a505dNewest obsession: avocado, bacon, tomato and fried egg sandwich

b5f08be06e1aab2627e2b56d3ab618beFun way to wear chambray this spring

Friday Favourites3New York I love you: One day

Friday Favourites4New summer drink

Friday Favourites5Glitzy shoes for the warm weather


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