Sights and Sounds

Ever since I was little my parents loved to take me and my brother on little adventures around Europe. And as we grew up and moved to Canada, that hasn’t changed much! I think my parents passed down their love of travel to me because every time I hear we’re going somewhere I start a little countdown in my head and as the days get closer and closer, my excitement grows more and more. This summer’s new trip was to the windy city of Illinois,  Chicago!

As we usually do, we drove and because of that had to leave at the crack of dawn which, as a night owl, I was not excited about! We reached Chicago around 2:00 pm and had plenty of time to explore.

The first thing I noticed about the city was its incredible skyscrapers, they literally blocked out the sun on some blocks!

Not only are the buildings tall, guys, they are beautiful! Some of the older ones have such intricate details from the flying buttresses to golden finishes and some of the more modern ones reflect the sky and even have thousands of LED lights!

One of my favourite buildings was the Carbide & Carbon Building which was built during the prohibition to resemble a champagne bottle! How cool is that?! Talk about missing your alcohol… 

Other sites to see was the Cloud Gate, also known as the bean. This cool structure has made appearances in movies like the Source Code {with dreamboat, Jake Gyllenhaal}.


This was definitely cool. Especially when you go underneath it…

Another key place to check out is the Navy Pier. This stretch of restaurants, shopping and rides is a great place to go for some mini golf, ice cream and good food!

As you can probably tell, it wasn’t very busy anywhere on this particular day, however other days we revisited, the bean and pier were bustling with tourists and locals taking in the warm weather and sunshine!

We got very lucky with the amount of sunshine we received and that it was only really windy on the first day of our trip. This did however pose some problems for both my hair and skin but that’s another story for another post!

Next time I will appeal more to the fashionistas in the audience and talk about the Magnificent Mile! Stay tuned!

Have a happy Monday!


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