Something different

something new

Auditions are nerve-racking. No doubt about that. This week I got to be a part of a theater’s auditions for a series of one act plays as one of my new tasks as a stage manager and already I can tell this experience is going to be different from anything I’ve done before. Before I go on you should know I have no experience in theater whatsoever. I mean… I took a drama class in grade nine… does that count? So I shared in some nervousness with the auditioners but theirs was obviously more called for. This new gig is part of my effort to fill my summer time with new experiences and challenges… which can be weird, isn’t summer time supposed to be time to relax? NOPE. Not for this girl, apparently.

Here are some ways you can try something new

1. Audition for a play! It doesn’t have to be a Broadway musical, a simple one act play would work here. These are great for first timers and a lot of fun! For anyone in the KW region check this out!

2. Apply for job you haven’t done before. This can be something you have no experience in but give it a shot, who knows, you might get it!

3. Volunteer at a humane society! Looks great on a resume and, if you’re an animal lover, can be so much fun with all the puppies and kitties!

4. Volunteer in the community. This can range from teaching something at the community center to volunteering at a soup kitchen. Chances are you’re going to learn something and that’s what I see as valuable, plus it also looks good on a resume.

5. {Just for kicks} Learn some new moves with a dance lesson…or lessons. There are plenty of dance studios offering walk in classes as well as packages for those interested.

6. Do it yourself. Pinterest has a ton of DIY projects that are easy and affordable to do.

7.  Be active. We university students {and office workers alike} spend a lot of time sitting inside and not moving very much. Trying a new workout regiment or taking one one can be a great way to challenge yourself physically.

Sometimes I wonder if I bit off more than I could chew but I’m going to give it my all to make it all work because I hate letting people down! So here’s to trying new things this summer, going out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself.




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