In the City

In the CityVanessa: Foster the People t-shirt, Sirens leggings, RW&CO blazer, Nine West Flats, Steve Madden handbag, borrowed bangles (from Sabina), and vintage necklace

Sabina: Garage peplum, borrowed jacket (from Vanessa), Aldo handbag, Spring oxfords, Wal-Mart pants and scarf

Last week, Sabina and I had the chance to drive into Toronto to see a good friend of ours perform in his band, Running Violet. We definitely had a fun time dressing up for the show – showing a bit of our edgy side and the performance was great! Every time I go into the big city I love experimenting with colours, textures, and patterns a lot more. I find that in comparison to Kitchener, Toronto is a lot more accepting towards fashion. You can basically wear anything on the streets of Toronto and still be considered completely normal. In Kitchener, you definitely don’t get the same vibe – one of the reasons I love to visit bustling Toronto!

In the City2

Dynamite leather blazer, Spring Pumps

In the City4


2 Replies to “In the City”

  1. both of you look great, it must have been a wonderful experience 🙂 I also enjoy time off with my girlfriends, unfortunately it doesn’t happen as often as I would like.

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