Magnificent Mile

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I talked about Chicago so lets get back into it with a little something on the shopping! I’ve been having the biggest urge to go shopping this week.. I don’t even know why.. but since I have yet to get paid that’s a no go. Back to my fantasy life in the downtown of Chicago, there lies a Magnificent Mile AKA, a mile of luxurious as well as affordable shopping. Oh yes, a walk down this road would probably clear out my savings in a couple hours, but I resisted! I was good.. I only went to Forever 21… 4 times. In one day. Anyways! There are some nice surprises along this mile, including some architectural beauties!



The mother-ship!


In addition to that, the street close to my hotel, State Street, has basically the same stores but on the opposite side of town, although the walk isn’t too long {maybe 20 minutes}.


As if these weren’t enough places to blow your paycheck, just outside of Chicago there are some Prime Outlets!


Among all this shopping, you can’t forget about food. We checked out two restaurants while in Chicago, Bubba Gump Shrimp which was on the Navy Pier and The {Italian} Village on Monroe street. At Bubba Gump’s is where I found my beloved BBQ Chipotle Ranch salad thing! So good! The Village on the other hand was alright, the decor was absolutely gorgeous, made you feel like you were literally in Italy! But the food was mediocre compared to Bubba Gump. Here’s a salad I had, it was a seafood option:


Next Monday I’ll talk about the street style and outfit ideas!

Happy Monday!


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