Love for Pleats

Happy Wednesday everybody!

So the time has come. The time for my first outfit post is here. I’m not going to lie…. I’m nervous. I’m not one for appearing in pictures. Quite frankly it scares me. I’m more of a behind the scenes person when it comes to basically everything: participating in class, plays, taking pictures… yeah. But,  I’m trying new things this summer right? Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. So here we go.

Last night, Vanessa and I went out for some dinner {sushi!} and I decided to wear this pleated skirt. The skirt on its own can be quite dressy so I took it down a notch with this leather sleeve t-shirt from Forever 21. For some color I added the belt…which happened to match the shoes…which happened to match a necklace I got for my birthday and so this outfit was born!

Skirt: Mango, Top: Forever 21, belt: vintage, Necklace: Bittersweet

Because I am top and bottom heavy, it’s important for me to emphasize the waist. That’s why a skirt, or even a dress with sinching around the midsection is a really good option.


You know that moment when you know what you’re doing? This isn’t it!

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