Spring Cleaning: Closet

Spring Cleaning{definitely my dream closet}

Spring cleaning, more specifically organizing my closet has always been a challenge for me. Most times I completely ignore the idea and just continue to add things into my closet, sometimes buying things that I have something similar. So, this season I made it a goal to organize my closet and just finally get rid of all my old clothes that I NEVER wear (I made a guide: if I hadn’t worn the item at least twice in the past year it was out). After I rid my closet of old clothes I started a process to completely organize my closet to help me find pieces better and so that I can know exactly what is lacking in my wardrobe when I go shopping.

#1 Get rid of your old clothes.

#2 Find storage solutions that fit your needs (this makes sure that you ACTUALLY use them).

#3 Start organizing!
– Tops: try to hang all your tops, you’ll wear it more if you can see it!
– Sweaters: fold heavy sweaters so that they don’t loose their shape.
– Jeans: how you store jeans is all up to preference (by cut, brand, style, size).
– Pants, skirts and shorts: try and hang them by clips.
– Dresses – Hang them by colour rather than length (it helps you see what you have and what you need).
-start with strapless and go to long-sleeve.
– Bags, scarves, hats: I personally like to have bags as visible as possible, scarves I keep folded in storage boxes, and for hats, hat boxes are fun (just take uniform photos and stick them outside the boxes).
– Shoes: I like to stack in shoes in clear plastic boxes so I can see them easily.
– Lingerie: Organize them by colour, size and type making sure to rotate both underwear and bras.
– Jewelry: I personally like to keep my jewelry on display, which helps me see what I have.

*quick tip: whenever you have clothes from the dry-cleaners – make sure you take your clothes out of the dry-cleaners bags because they can damage the fibres of the garments.


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