Bring it to the streets

Good morning ladies and gents!

This is, sadly, one of the last two Chicago posts I have planned to share on thebrunettebit. In relation to the Magnificent Mile post, I thought I would provide a little bit of guidance on the fashion of Chicago. However, this week I am departing from the designer shops {and Forever 21} and focusing more on what to pack and what to expect from the local style. I know that I always like to know what to expect when going somewhere and this helps me with picking my own outfits. So to get a taste of what the street style is, how people have taken modern trends and implemented them into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I took some shots of regular people walking the Chicago streets {..totally not creepy..} in some very fabulous outfits to give future travelers some inspiration for creating their own outfits.

Classic white T with jeans, a leather jacket and black booties


Printed pants were quite popular so don’t be afraid to break out your own!


Pastels were everywhere!
denim, denim, denim
Cute and simple with a pop of color
All black with bold print
This doesn’t really show off the outfit but I really like those booties…
A white blazer brightens the outfit and brings it into spring

As far as packing goes, I tried to only pack pieces that I could work into more than just one outfit. This included:

-chambray shirt

-black leggings

-white T


-striped T

– trench coat


-summer dress

All of these work together and can be paired with some unique pieces to liven them up. Also, bring things that can make the transition into the evening!

Next week concerns entertainment and beauty tips to help get by when traveling. Have a good Monday!


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