Borne back ceaselessly into the past

For those of you who are aware, The Great Gatsby has hit theaters and many are excited to witness the bringing to life of the book they have read in high school. Although I was not one of these people having never read the book, I went yesterday for a little date day and I wasn’t disappointed! The cinematography {I think it’s called…} was absolutely amazing! Never before have I seen a movie make Leonardo DiCaprio look so cool with its slow motion walk away glimpses and mysterious shadow clips. Oh man, ladies, this movie will probably make you fall in love with Leo all over again.. mmhmmm.. yeah…


Oh! Right.. writing a post here..

The movie was so high energy, like if anyone has seen Moulin Rouge you know how Baz Luhrmann can be with his movies: Very quick scenes and changes, lots of extravagant party scenes and amazing lighting and costumes. This movie made you wish you were a part of the Roaring Twenties because of the lavish lifestyles, especially Gatsby’s amazing palace! Oh man, someone take me back to that time!


On another note, it’s been really hot these past couple of days so I wore this eyelet dress and tote {both Friday Favorites}. To make the tote coordinate, I paired it with the brown belt and nude sandals.  I love this dress for two reasons: 1) it’s flowy which makes it so comfortable for hot and humid summer days, and 2) it’s a bit longer than some of my other summer dresses which makes bending-friendly, if you know what I mean.

Dress: Old Navy, Purse and shoes: Spring/Call it Spring, Belt: Ardenes, watch: New York & Co.


Has anyone else seen the Great Gatsby and read the book? What were your thoughts?


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