Friday Favourites

It’s that time of the week again! Friday, Friday, gotta get– I’m going to stop there…

We hope everyone had a good week and will have an even better weekend enjoying the sunshine despite the cool weather we’re expecting here in KW. But hey, if it gets to the point where you don’t want to go outside because you refuse to bust out that jacket you already put away into storage and acknowledge the cold, you could try out your own version of these baked goodies and tells how they turned out!

Friday Favourites{Blueberry Lemon Cake – the perfect subtle sweetness}

Friday Favourites2{Birthday Celebrations – 21}

Friday Favourites3{Trying to find the perfect spot to hold all my sunglasses}

nail polish{Really good for that pop of color in the summer}

IMG_1264{Here’s a story for you: This week on my way to pick up my boyfriend from the bus terminal, I had to rearrange the cars in the driveway in order to get the car that I needed out of the garage. To free up my hands, I put my phone on top of the car that I needed while I did all the rearranging. Being the smart cookie I am, I completely forgot about my phone on the roof of the car and started driving away! Down the street it finally hit me that my phone wasn’t with me and with the loudest gasp no one heard I pulled over and retrieved my baby! My point is, this case kept my phone from flying off the roof and into the path of some SUV driving behind me and I will be eternally grateful.}

cookie{Subway has these raspberry cheesecake cookies and I’ve been trying so hard not to eat the whole batch as they come out of the oven! New goal of the summer: make my own. Yummm}


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