*knock, knock*


I’d like to take this moment to talk you about Chicago…one… last…time ! It’s almost kind of sad for me because stopping this means I stop revisiting the trip in my mind as much. My family and I had a great time between all the shopping, dining and sightseeing. My favorite part however, has to be The Book of Mormon.

The Broadway musical found its way to the Bank of America Theatre with a young and energetic cast. The word on the street with this play was that it was quite offensive but I have to be honest… either I have a mind that is permanently in the gutter and have seen way worse OR people were just exaggerating… To be fair, the show does come from the creators of South Park which is not child-friendly television…. AT ALL. Regardless, the show was HILARIOUS! If it’s playing anywhere close you, you have to take a night to see this one. It’s about a couple of Mormons who endeavor on a religious mission to Africa. The pair, composed of a happy go-lucky nerdy sweetheart and a hardcore do-gooder find their beliefs and teachings questioned when their mission doesn’t turn out to be quite what they expected. The story follows their outrageous journey to both adjusting to a different world as well as finding their place in it.



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