BB, CC, & DD

First there was BB.

Then there was CC.

Now there’s talk of a DD.

What’s next?! It seems as though the beauty industry is milking the beauty correcting cream trend for all it’s worth and for us everyday folk, this can get very confusing between the functions, costs, and tones of each cream! So I did some digging for you beauty gals out there and found out the similarities and differences between all of these creams.

Beauty Balm, Blemish Balm, Blemish base (aka BB cream)


I bought my first BB cream a couple of summers ago from Garnier and… it was alright. I like that it was light, definitely moisturizing and not that expensive. Since then, I have purchased Maybeline’s BB as well as L’Oreal’s both of which were the same as the first in terms of lightness. However, I do have one complaint about these drugstore brands. The coverage is not all there! I found I had to either add concealer before or after applying the BB along with a powder foundation to reduce the shine.

BB cream claims to hydrate, prime, conceal, treat and protect your skin from UV rays. According to Sephora BB creams are able to be used as foundations for everyday wear, but I don’t find this to be completely true…with drugstore brands at least.

I really want to try the Marcelle and Clinique BBs next!

Color Correcting/Care Creams (aka CC cream)

Olay CC Cream Blogger Kit_Product Group Shotcc-cream-vogue-5-17apr13-pr-b

These creams are new to me this year and I have not had the opportunity to test one out. Their main aims are to hydrate, prime, protect, perfect, and color correct. The main difference from BB creams is the added function of color correction with CCs. The top drugstore brand right now seems to be Olay with their new Total Effects Tone-Correcting Moisturizer with SPF, however L’Oreal also has one!

Dynamic Do-all Cream (aka DD cream)


This product is new and is being introduced by Julep this June. On top of all the functions of the BB and CC creams (perfect, prime, protect and moisturize), DD claims to provide the skin with anti-aging ingredients to improve the skin over time thereby doing anything and everything you’d want out of foundation/tinted moisturizer/ BB or CC cream!

I, personally, don’t know whether I’ll give this specific product a shot. Maybe I’ll work my way up here after I try those BB and CC creams so it may take me a couple months…or years.. and who knows, maybe by that time there will be a whole other line of creams to try… an EE cream perhaps. It never ends in the beauty industry!

Have a good Monday!


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