Friday Favourites

thriving twenties

Finally the weather has been looking up and we cannot be more excited! We’re finally able to sit out in our backyards and enjoy the beautiful weather. Making sure to take long walks under the sun, enjoying as much ice cream as my stomach can bear and getting use of my favourite dresses and sandals are just some of the ways I’ll be enjoying these sunny days! How will you be spending your summer days?

Here are some of our Friday favourites!

iced tea
{Tazo Iced teas from Starbucks}
Intricate heels
{Intricate heels}


L'Oreal's power moisture line
{L’Oreal’s power moisture line}
{Fun watch for summer}
{Fun watch for summer}


Natural Bronzer by Rimmel London
{Natural Bronzer by Rimmel London}
Brownie Binge from Fran's Diner
{Brownie Binge from Fran’s Diner}

Have a good weekend and enjoy the longest day of the year!


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