Road trip


Hello every body and happy Monday! So I have some exciting news to share. This week I’ll be headed on another road trip, this time it’s to the Big Apple! That’s right. This member of a 200-thousand-something person city is headed to an 8-million-something person city, and she couldn’t be more excited! This will be my third time going to NYC but the first time going and being concerned about the fashion scene. New York City is one of the major fashion capitals of the world and is the stage to the Mercedes-Benz New York fashion week which also takes place in Milan, Paris, Miami, Mumbai, and even our own Toronto.

Here’s a little fashion history: Prior to the second World War, Paris was the main source of fashion inspiration for the entire world. However, once the war ensued, fashion journalists were unable to make the trek to Europe so Eleanor Lambert seized the opportunity to show the world America’s place in the fashion industry. She composed a parade of American designers to both national and local press, coining the name: Press Week.

Press Week basked in success for 30 years before order had to be restored following an accident during one of the shows. In 1994, the collaboration of Fern Mallis with the Council of Fashion Designers of America resulted in a single location hosting the week-long event, the new title of Fashion Week, as well as later success in the addition of sponsors (one of which is Mercedes-Benz). The new location allowed for returning designers to showcase their lines as well as room for blossoming designers to debut their own creations.


With an astounding reputation of being the home to American fashion, it’s undoubtedly inspiring me to pack my most trendy items (anything with stripes, anything bright, and statement necklaces). To make things easier on my duffel bag I’ve decided to pack a lot of dresses. Rain or shine, I’ll be in a dress dang it! ….but I’ll pack a pair of shorts just to be safe..

It’s really hard for me to not over-pack… I feel like I have to consider the weather (sun? Am I safe with flowy tops and dresses? Rain? Do I pack rain boots and a jacket? Hot? Cold?), then what mood am I going to be in on that day? I kid you not, I have packed for different moods before and I don’t think I’m alone on that one (at least I hope..)!

Next post will have some New York City travel tips which I have come across as well as my site wishlist!

If you have any tips or recommendations for exploring NY, comment below!


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