All the way to New York City

ny ny

It’s almost time to go!! The day of departure is quickly approaching and I have finally collected my thoughts on some of the things I know I want to see on top of the regular sights (Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building, etc) in NYC:

When in New York, I want to…

Venture to Ninth Avenue.  I don’t think I’ve gone here, but I want to give it a try! This location is close to Times Square and promises to be THE place to eat when touring the area. Times Square is full of your everyday food chains so Ninth Avenue (apparently) introduces you to a more local feel.

Venture through all of Central Park. Now, I have read that the park is most amazing early in the morning. That the crowds are almost nonexistent, the grass is fresh and all that, but to be frank…. I am not a morning person. And seeing as we’re not staying downtown, midtown, or uptown, We’d have to get up extra early to catch the park in that tranquil morning dew state. Instead, I’d like to make up for my character flaw by walking the whole place. All 840 acres of it. I hope my company is up for that…

Find Kleinfeld’s. For those of you who don’t watch TLC on Friday nights, Kleinfeld Bridal is a bridal shop featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, a show I am completely in love with for obvious reasons (pretty dresses!).

Visit Carlo’s Bakery. So I’m a bit of a TLC fan… But who doesn’t want to pay a visit to the bakery of bakeries?! Given the popularity of the show I can almost guarantee a long line but… I just want a picture in front of it.. That’s all I want!

Thrift shop. (What-what) I’m curious as to the difference between Kitchener thrifts and NY thrifts.

Find DASH. I’ve been watching  A LOT of Keeping up with the Kardashians on my days off from work and I would really like to find their NY store. Again, I probably won’t buy anything…Just take a picture. 😛

There are some things to keep in mind when traveling however:

When in New York…

Mind your etiquette. Whenever visiting a new city, and a big city at that, I feel it is always good to do some research on traveler’s etiquette. New York is the type of city where everything is an attraction so it becomes easy to forget that there are locals who are trying to carry out their daily routines midst the tourist hype. A particularly good article stated New Yorkers walk with a purpose and it becomes frustrating when tourists stop in the middle of subway stairs, take up the whole sidewalk, or don’t watch what they are doing due to the guidebook in front of nose. So a major tip to remember is to be respectful of all pedestrians so as to not disturb the flow of traffic.

Mind your purse. Almost everywhere I go I get warned about pickpockets and the smoothness of their ways. I always make sure to bring a bag with a zipper and even a cross-body option so it is harder for someone to sneak in or grab my bag and run. I have read, however, that NY has become “the safest big city in the United States”  with increased security to the lower East Side among other areas but one should remember to use one’s common sense when exploring.

That sums up my personal sightseeing wishlist! I’ll be posting about the actual vacation in the weeks to come but you can follow my trip on either instagram (bina_boo) or thebrunettebit facebook page.

Take care!



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