Do like you do in New York: Day 1

Well hello readers! I apologize for skipping a post for this past Monday but I was unable to get access to a computer to upload, edit and post pictures from the first day. But here they are now, hot off the SD card.

It is a lot more affordable to stay outside the city so that is just what we did when we arrived in Tarrytown, NY (a quaint village outside the big city) at about 3:00 or 3:30 and jumped on a train to NYC for 4. There is a great train line running by the towns along the river with an OK price of about $10.00 US for each way. This route provides the great option of not having to break the bank with a room in the core but being able to get you there in just under half an hour with the express service.

It was hard to keep the feeling of fatigue once the train pulled into the monumental Grand Central Terminal, who was celebrating 100 years of service. The ceiling of the terminal depicts the zodiacs and contains over 2500 stars with lights highlighting the major constellations.

Making your way outside, you find the Chrysler Building named after the founder of the motor company. He wished for this building to be the headquarters of his company, which never actually happened.
IMG_0038Walking up 42nd Street you’ll soon find the NY public library which holds over 7 million volumes, 10 000 periodicals, and collections spanning from the handwritten Declaration of Independence to T.S. Elliot’s typed copy of “The Waste Land.”



Behind the massive library and on top of 7 million books,  lies Bryant Park which houses world famous fashion shows as well as provides an area to relax right in the middle of the theatre district.
image (3)

Now enter Times Square, and look what I found, the same restaurant we ate at in Chicago! 😛




This area has virtually no local New Yorkers. Just plain tourists being offered tickets to comedy shows, plays, and knock-off designer handbags and watches. The area is packed solid so you must do like they do in NY when dealing with a crowd: elbows out and weave through.

TIP: if you’re looking to buy the classic I ❤ NY tees, the best price I could see was $5 each. If you’re looking for any souvenir tees, there is a store at Times Square, right next to the main jumbotron offering 4 for $11.


After the hectic weaving through Times Square we were ready for some dinner. I am sorry to say that we were not able to check out 9th avenue for some good food and sorta kinda fell victim to the overpriced food chain food. But hey, I’ve never been to an Applebee’s before…and this was the largest in the WORLD….

Last stop of the day was the beautifully lit Rockefeller Center. This building is the largest privately owned complex and called the heart of NY. Home of Radio City Music Hall, NBC tv studios, as well as Top of the Rock (an observatory offering a 360 degree  panoramic view of the city).

Heading back to Grand Central to catch the train, we spotted the Chrysler Building just shining away. It was a nice end to an exhausting and slightly overwhelming day! I wouldn’t recommend driving for 8 hours and then walking through crowds for another 5…

All in all, good day. We were able to see a lot and make the most of our first few hours in the city.
image (7)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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