Summertime Playlist

Summer Time PlaylistMusic in the summer is an absolute must, I cannot imagine driving around town listening to just city traffic. That’s why I’ve compiled a summer playlist, one that not only has catchy new lyrics, but also some favourites from the past. As shown here, Sabina gave a glimpse of her go-to summer song which is quite a popular one. And now, I decided that it was my turn to show you what I’ve been listening to lately, and you can check them out too!

1. Get Lucky // Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams

2. Shake It Out // Florence + the Machine

3. Bells of 59 // Bedouin Soundclash

4. Bunin’ For You // Blue Oyster Cult

5. California // Phantom Planet (stereotypical)

6. Houdini // Foster the People

7. Heads Will Roll // Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

8. Hotel California // The Eagles

9. Escape (Pina Colada Song) // Rupert Holmes

10. Girl // Beck

11. Good Day // Luce

12. Here Comes the Sun // The Beatles (another one that is oh so stereotypical?)

13. Island In The Sun // Weezer (onto number 3)

14. Jolene // Dolly Parton

15. King Of Anything // Sara Bareilles 




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