No pain no gain

Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of the week! Now I know summer is almost over ( 😦 ) but that doesn’t mean we should all quit the gym now or once school gets under way. I find it hard to a) get the motivation to workout and b) find time to workout when lectures start up again so if you’re like me then you’re aching for a great, fast solution to these problems and let me tell you… I found it 😀 Introducing the 7 Minute Workout. 12 moves. 30 seconds each. 10 second break in between. This workout has been sweeping the nation and has been proven to be effective through scientific research which states that bursts of exercise are effective in achieving weight loss/workout goals making this as efficient as a 30 minute workout! Gimme gimme! So check out the video below to get the full explanation on how this works exactly and then try it out yourself with the moves below! Oh, and there’s an app for that. (Obviously..there’s an app for everything). It counts everything down for you and tells you what moves are next! So what better way to start the week than a new exercise regime? Good luck!


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