Back-To-School Basics



Every year as the end of August approaches I get nostalgic for that back-to-school feeling. And although a couple months later I will completely regret it, there is a sense of giddy happiness to see old friends, sit in a library with university coffee in hand and just experience campus life once again. Also around this time, I start to think about the back-to-school necessities I’ll need.  It’s always so exciting to head out on an epic shopping spree to get new notebooks, accessories for the dorm, and cute outfits, all of which I usually wear during the first week of class. Here are some of my favorite back to school ideas:

1. J.Crew card case for your I.D. ($22.50)

2. Incase laptop case to keep your laptop scratch free in any circumstance ($39.95)

3. Zara metallic loafers with tassels that would making around campus extra fun ($49.90)

4. Sleeping mask: best friend on weekends ($28.38)

5. Topshop knit cardigan keeps you warm and stylish on the coldest of days (£38.00)

6. Etsy pencils, cute messages on gold pencils ($12.95)

7. Mercury glass votive that I’d use as a pencil holder ($12.00)

8. Sugarpaper desk notepad – ideal for extensive “to-do” lists ($15.00)



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