Travelling History

Travelling History
{My hometown – Arcos de Valdevez – a little town with a lot of chapels}

This is long overdue, the fact that it’s been almost a month without mentioning my trip to Portugal is pretty ridiculous. I’m going to start with saying Europe feels like a completely different world when compared to Canada. It’s full of history, culture, and especially for me, new experiences and things to see. We were able to visit quite a few different cities that we had been wanting to visit for a long time (Lisboa, Aveiro, Batalha) and the best part was that none of them looked similar in one way. I loved every minute of it, and hope to give you guys a glimpse into my trip and show you a little taste of Portugal.

Travelling History
{Aveiro, the most similar city to Venice}
Travelling History
{Walking through Aveiro is like walking through a rainbow}
Travelling History
{The most recent monument in Portugal dedicated to those who travelled the sea}
Travelling History
{I couldn’t live without walking to a bakery to get fresh bread every morning}

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