Fall To-Do List

pumpkin timeI think fall has got to be my favourite season, and although it’s also probably one of the busiest seasons (with midterms, baking, Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest) it’s about time I prioritize the good things in life. Especially because I know the holidays are just around the corner. Since this week introduced the first official day of fall, here’s a list of things I’m planning on doing this year:

1. Make pumpkin spice muffins – I’ve become obsessed.

2. Do a house purge with my mom where every weekend we tackle a different room.

3. Go to the Oktoberfest Parade.

4. Master three new soups.

5. Compile a list of scary movies to re-watch (hopefully with friends).

6. Host a cozy night with friends and delectable desserts.

7. Take a haunted hay ride.

8. Make pumpkin butter (which I just found out existed).

9. Celebrate Halloween this year (and find a costume!).

10. Find the perfect pumpkin pie recipe.


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