Have You Ever Been to Kitchener?


I find that since Kitchener is only an hour away from Toronto, many fail to see what it has to offer as we’re always rushing to Toronto for whatever reason it might be. But as Oktoberfest (probably the biggest event for Kitchener) approaches I thought it was important to showcase just what Kitchener has to offer.

My favourites:

Two great hotels:

The Walper Hotel: The hotel is in central downtown, and considered to be a landmark in Kitchener. Having recently been renovated it offers a warm feeling with some aspects of our history.

KW Hotel and Conference Centre: Also downtown, it’s rooms offer a great view of the city and the people are extremely accommodating.

Two cute shops:

Gloss: Both hair salon and clothing shop, this boutique offers a great variety of cute pieces that your wardrobe can never go without! I always find myself drooling over almost every piece.

White Tiger Vintage: For a long time, Kitchener didn’t have anything useful in the vintage department until this cute shop opened up. I always leave with something! It has an amazing vibe and awesome finds!

Two delicious restaurants:

Holy Guacamole: Everything here is delicious. Mexican food is always a good choice in my mind – and this is the perfect and quick way to get some tasty food.

Matter of Taste: Has got to be one of my favourites. It’s small, peaceful, I love grabbing some coffee and reading. They have really tasty treats that make it irresistible to love

Two fun activities:

Oktoberfest Parade: Although this is seasonal (Thanksgiving Weekend) I love meeting up with friends and just enjoying being a kid again – it never gets old

Farmer’s Market: Market’s are so much fun with a cup of joe in hand. Whether you’re grabbing groceries, checking out the antiques or grabbing some apple fritters – it has it all!

Quick tips: If you’re visiting from out of town, make sure to rent a car! It’s definitely easier to get places because Kitchener is suburban – lots of ground to cover! And bring casual clothes, no one really dresses up in Kitchener


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