Halloween Inspiration

halloweenGood Morning Readers!

Halloween is almost here! Well…. we still have a couple of weeks but I’m still very excited! I don’t know whether it’s the prospect of seeing the little children in my neighbourhood dress up in costumes or whether it’s my own dressing up that gets me all excited, all I know is that this day is so.. happy in my mind! But like most, I also struggle with finding a good costume to go out in every year. I want to be different from years past but I don’t want to buy a  new costume because those are not always cheap! So I’ve been on the lookout for random ideas which are both easy to do at home and won’t break the bank. I hope you find some inspiration!


Mime CollageThis is by far the easiest costume to achieve on short notice!

What you’ll need:

1. Striped shirt. This can just about be any striped shirt, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, or short sleeve.
2. Black bottoms. There are many variations with this costume some of which have long pants or shorts, others which use skirts. You can tailor this to fit whatever pieces are in your wardrobe.
3. Suspenders. I believe these can be found at any costume store as well as places like Wal-Mart for a relatively low price.
4. Black shoes. Once again, whatever you have in your wardrobe works (heels, flats, etc).
5. Beret. Typically red or black.
6. White or Black Gloves.
7. Face Paint/ Make up. This may be the trickiest part but I would encourage you to have fun creating this part of the costume!


ghost collage

Now this one can go one of many ways: Scary or Not. I prefer the not 😛

This costume was inspired by Lauren Conrad (I found it when I was browsing her blogsite) and is my personal favourite as I will be trying to achieve it this year. It does require a bit more work.

What you’ll need:

1. A White Dress. I’m aiming to search thrift stores and second hand stores for old wedding dresses with lace necks. Depending on the dress I am cut it up a bit to emphasize the “deadness” 😛
2. White shoes.
3. Retro/Vintage Jewelry. Again, thrift stores or second hand stores may have some good pieces. If not, you may have to check the malls…
4. Face Paint/Make up. Creating the dead look can be really fun, it’s like making your whole eye region smokey!
5. Veil or hairpiece optional.

Minnie Mouse



Another great and easy costume! (I did this last year :P). Minnie Mouse has 4 themes: red, black, bows and polka dots. Essentially any combination of these on all at once (plus some mousey make up) will undoubtedly give off that Minnie Mouse vibe you want so the things you need will depend on what you have or what you find. You don’t even really NEED polka dots! The second image above is how I structured my costume.

Where’s Waldo?


The key to this costume is that red and white on top. If you can find that, you’re golden!

What you’ll need:

1. Red and white striped sweater.
2. Blue bottoms. Jeans or blueish leggings tend to work well.
3. Red and White hat.
4. Big round glasses. This can be those 3D glasses they give out at movie theatres.

Face Paint


Simply painting your face can be a costume of its own. You can choose to wear all black or add on to emphasize your costume such as wearing a dress for the doll or plaid for the scarecrow. For those who are intimidated by taking on this kind of challenge, especially if you have no experience with paint, there are MANY videos on YouTube to give step by step direction.

I hope this helped inspire your costume for this year (or for the next one). If you have any costumes you want to share with us (and please do because I’m always looking for new ones!) please comment below or share them on our Facebook page!




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