Trick or Treat

decorGood morning!

How are you guys this morning? I hope you’re not too bummed it’s Monday because…. Halloween is this week! If youre still unsure about a costume, you can find some here!

On a related note, with Halloween comes Halloween parties and in our circle of friends, we have a potluck coming up! It’s really exciting because we all get to get together in our costumes again to eat, drink and be merry! 😛 So for anyone else with parties coming up in need some of fun ideas on what to bring, here are a few of my favourite treats.

{Great way to serve drinks}
{This website has a bunch of Halloween food ideas on top of these adorable rice krispy pumpkins}
{Clicking on the image will take you the recipe}
{Cake. Pop. Eyeballs. Click on image for recipe!}
{Cupcake eyes!}
{Chocolate-Pudding-with-crushed-oreo-and-cookie-tombstone cups! That’s a mouthful}
{These are just so adorable. And because they’re strawberries, they’re part of the “healthy” portion of this list}

{Clicking on the picture will take you to a cute blog that has the recipe to this tortellini salad. All that you’d need to do is add some chocolate eyeballs.}
{These are really good if you don’t want to do a sweet treat}
{Ham, cream cheese and ranch eyeball pinwheels. Super easy to accomplish}

All of these recipes are collected from other blog sites. Some images also come with a recipe and clicking the picture will take you to the original source.

I hope these sparked some ideas in you this morning and got you excited for some cooking!



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