Friday Favourites


Finally some days off are headed our way! If you’re a university/college student you are probably feeling the end of term pressure, with all of the last few deadlines and due dates. You are not alone. You can sense the stress and anxiety all over campus! The libraries are always full and your hitting that “There-aren’t-enough-hours-in-a-day” cry for help! I tell ya, with all these things going on our minds are definitely not on anything else, but little things, like those below, seem to just make our day sometimes.

body butter
{As the season becomes more dry, keeping skin hydrated is really important and made fun through all the different body butter scents}
nivea lip smoothie
{Don’t forget the lips! The cold can dry out and chap our lips so treat them with this hydrating lip balm with a soft pink tint. ~$3.00}
{Small detail, but when we remember our gloves the walks across campus are a little more bearable! TNA: ~$15}
zen tea
{Perfect mix of green tea and lemongrass. Starbucks: ~$2.05}


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