Winter To-Do


Winter is approaching y’all! And although this time does mean cold weather and huge winter jackets, there’s still some things to look forward to! Sure, days are shorter than ever and walking outside is like….walking through the arctic tundra… but for those willing to brave the infamously cold weather of Canada here are some things we would like to do this winter and that may spark some of your interests (and don’t worry, the majority of them are indoors) :

  1. Go skating- this is a given, but I’d actually like to do it more than once
  2. Secret Santa- our group has a lot of friends so it gets hard to buy everyone a Christmas present, so this is a really helpful way to spread some holiday joy without having to dish out all the dough.
  3. Find the perfect hot chocolate- finding a good cup is apparently proved harder than expected; anyone know any places which serve less sweet concoctions?
  4. Throw a rad Holiday party!
  5. Christmas tree hunting
  6. Find a New Years dress
  7. Catch up on readings- during break of course!
  8. Watch a tonne of Christmas movies!
  9. Build a snowman- for the first time in YEARS.
  10. Have a cookie exchange- apparently you and a few friends decide to make a specific

Some people say it’s too early to bring on Christmas, but I don’t care. It’s honestly such a lovely time of year and I need more than a month of it!

I’m going to start now! Where’s my Christmas CD?!


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2 Replies to “Winter To-Do”

  1. Hey HEY hey! Godiva hot chocolate mix! and you can take it home and treat yourself whenever you like, just don’t forget the marshmallows 🙂

    Loving the blog…this is a blog right? tumbler? idk, but I like it, keep it up friends!

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