Rainy Favourites

rainydaysIt’s been raining quite a bit here lately, and as I pack for school every morning I’m always wondering if I have the essentials. Those few things that will get me through the day happy and dry! Especially since I go to a university that has a very large campus, staying dry is the ultimate goal. So I’ve come up with a list of the six top things I use to help me get through those rainy days.

1. Zara Handbag ($70): a large carryall is necessary – I always have more things to carry around on rainy days

2. Topshop Parka: a lightweight jacket will keep you dry without feeling heavy

3. Kate Spade Umbrella ($38): need I say more?

4. Hunter Boots ($159): they keep your feet dry and warm, plus, they have pretty colours!

5. Asos Scarf ($37): a patterned scarf will keep you warm and in style

6. Kate Spade Travelling Mug ($18): I love this mug, the message is cute!



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