Valentine’s Day DIY


Alright all you procrastinators (myself included), it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, do you know what your gift is? If you’re still struggling to find that special little something and you don’t want to spend mucho dinero, here are some fun and easy things you can whip up so your honey doesn’t even know you did it last minute đŸ˜‰

Need: Frame, cardstock, scrabble chips and glue. Perfect and simple
One of my personal favourites! Need: Jar from the dollar store, ribbon, cardstock to write on. You can even personalize this with stickers instead of ribbon.
There are so many ways to do this one. You can use a pre-put together notebook or use your own paper, hole punch it, and use ribbon to tie it together. The details are up to you!
Another fun one, but it’s harder to explain. Click the picture to be taken to the blogger’s how-to!

So there you have a few ideas which will work for both him and her! Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!


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