Party Time



I think this might be the first year I watched the Oscars fully, and I made a little night out of it. I invited my friend over and had a couple snacks – that were definitely Oscar worthy. I think that there are just always some few snacks that are staples for any get together.

1. Cupcakes; now for the Oscars I made red velvet with cream cheese frosting and they were the perfect compliment to the ever so wonderful Matthew McConaughey. Now in all honesty, when I make cupcakes I buy the packaged goodness and make my own frosting (I’m a firm believer that the frosting is what makes the cupcake).

2. Caramel Popcorn; delicious. Now, let’s mix that caramel popcorn with chocolate and that is one more Oscar worthy snack. I think that girls’ nights revolve around sweet snacks and this is always a go-to.

3. Savory Popcorn; so obviously there seems to be a bit of a trend, but popcorn is just so versatile. I’ve also made a chip mix as the savory option – but there always needs something to offset all those sweets!

Let me know what your favourite party snacks are!

{Had a mini party with this familiar face}
{Had a mini party with this familiar face}




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