Friday Favourites



Well. We here in Kitchener came awfully close to spring this week. We felt the warm breeze on our skin, busted out the lighter jackets, even said “I want to spend time outside!” But as soon as we felt this glorious gift from above that inspired so much hope of spring….we also felt the -20 degree weather strike again. YUP. The snow won’t quit and we were hit with another 10cm! (Give or take). At this point I’m ready to take my snow shovel and smack this snow repeatedly instead of shoveling it away. It needs to know that any time it wants to go is good with the rest of us! Anyways, in form of a minor protest…and also a way of transitioning, we have been incorporating some lovely soft pastels into our winter outfits. Things like pastel turtlenecks, scarves or pants have become key items so we feel it natural to make this theme (pastels in the winter) a Friday Favourite. Plus some really great shoes to get when the snow is gone because…. they’re adorable…and who doesn’t need shoes!?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

photo 2FF2 FF3 FF5 ff6


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