Whipped Creme


Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Before I get started with this review, I would just like to take a second and appreciate above zero degree temperatures. Never have I ever missed and loved them so much. I feel like spring is literally around the corner after all the sunshine and (relatively) warm weather we’ve been getting or are expecting to get.

So! That said, lets jump in. I went to Wal-Mart over the weekend–actually, just the mall in general… but you know… I can’t leave the beauty section of any store alone no matter what I’m there for! So I actually went in to get skin care stuff and walked out with 2 foundations… “Hi, I’m Sabina, and I have a foundation addiction.”

cover girl clean foundation

This one in particular caught my eye because it was only $5.97! FIVE NINETY-SEVEN! Never have I ever bought a foundation that cheap! And the reason I’m raving is because I actually really liked it. Like reallllllllly liked it. It went on so smooth and creamy and a little went a long way! It doesn’t look like you get a lot, but it’s deceiving I tell ya!

So here are some facts:

Tested on: oily to combination skin

Price: $5.97CD

Coverage: Medium

You get: 18 mL (0.6 FL OZ)

Number of shades:  10

Best applied with: Fingertips

Wear: Approx. 9 hours


  • Lasts a good portion of the day (at least 8 hours with a primer)
  • feels light-weight
  • easy to apply
  • moisturizing
  • not cakey
  • a little does a lot
  • ummmm…. it’s $6?


  • smells a little like medicine… cough drops to be exact…
  • got a little patchy at the end of the day (10:00 pm) and what I mean by that is that some areas seemed like they disappeared while other parts were still there. This could be a result of my oily-combo skin or from wiping my nose,

So I applied the foundation as I would wear it. I moisturized, primed and set it. But I did not do any touch ups throughout the day at all. I wore it from 1:30 PM (first picture) until 10:00 PM (last 2 pictures) and I was still able to see it on my face, and it was still providing pretty good coverage. Pretty impressive for $6 foundation, I must say! My skin never felt dried out at all, but I did get some shininess… typical #oilyskinprobs. But that is a reality I face with most foundations so I wasn’t shocked.

Overall opinion: You gotta try it.

It may not work for you but if it does, think of the money you’ll save! The smell is a little off putting in the bottle but once it’s on your face, I don’t think you’ll smell it.. I didn’t anyway. I think this is really good everyday foundation because it is so inexpensive and effective. As for pore clogging- it claims it doesn’t clog pores- but I will have to keep wearing if for a few weeks to see if it makes me break out. If it does, I’ll warn you! But as of right now, my first impression is very positive and I recommend it!

Upon application – no setting yet
I notice a nice clean finish, it was able to cover my problem areas (i.e. Redness)
This is around 6 PM
Redness is still covered, no visible cake-iness

10 PM
You can see it starting to wear off but it lasted a pretty long time for not getting any touch ups done throughout the day
Looks more like a natural finish after a long day


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