Friday Favourites



Let’s begin today’s post with a story by Sabina.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, 9 or 10 perhaps, and she hated things that weren’t pants. Skirts, dresses, even skorts sometimes! One day, her mother found a dress she had sewn in the little girl’s closet and asked her why she didn’t wear it anymore. “I’m never going to wear skirts or dresses again, you can take them all away. I’ll never like them, they’re not comfortable!”

“Oh shush,” her mother replied, “you will so, just wait and see!” The girl just scoffed and went off to play or something.

The end. Okay, not one of the better stories I’ve told in my life…. but here’s the point.

The jist of that conversation haunts me to this day. My mom was right. I don’t know when it happened, how or what got me to change my mind but here I am dedicating a whole post to………………skirts. I wonder if my mom would be proud or just do the “I told you so” dance.

Either way, skirts of all shapes,  lengths and prints are in these days and I highly encourage everyone to give them a try. Despite their appearance (according my 9/10 year old self) they are quite comfortable and since there are so many lengths out there, you can find one that makes you feel even more comfortable (none of those “Is my butt showing?!” moments!), or one that expresses just who you are through some bold print.

So here are some of our favourites we’ve come across on sites like Pinterest and, I know we’ve been saying this a lot lately, but we honestly cannot wait for this thing called spring to get here because it has yet to make an appearance and it’s really really really frustrating some of us over here!….

Hope you all have a great weekend and if it’s sunny and warm where you are, please step outside and take a deep breath of that warm air for all of us here in southwestern Ontario (and all of Canada for that matter)!

midi floral skirtFF2FF3FF4FF5FF6


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