Friday Favourites

This post needs to be read with that song because I have just been getting so fricken excited about summer! This past weekend was so BEAUTIFUL that I just can’t handle it!

This year is quite possibly the last summer I have working part-time at a dead end job, being miserable but at the same time, it is the last summer of freedom in a sense. With graduation around the corner and just one more year of college ahead of me I want to maximize on trips, beach days, dinner dates and concerts. Speaking of which, who’s all going to the Bryan Adams/Aerosmith two day festival thingy here in Kitchener? This girl is! And she is stoked!! The festival season has gotten me into a rocker/boho/hippy/vintage mood with my style and one of the things I’ve been craving (and finally gotten my hands on) was a KIMONO! Yeah that’s right. These have been out for some time now but only made their way out commercially everywhere this spring so I’m just gaga…. Gaga for Kimonos.

A lot of places carry them nowadays, Sirens, H&M, Forever 21. And they range from solid colours to bold prints, from short to long. What more could you ask for really? So needless to say, this spring/summer trend tops this week’s Friday Favourites 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!




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