Beach Essentials

Beach Necessities

There are a few things I absolutely need to have when going to the beach, and as the weather starts to heat up, I can’t stop thinking about the beach and all the things I need to start the beach season right! I hope these few essentials help you guys when packing for the beach in these future months.

If you have any beach necessities that are different from ours, let us know!

1. Lip conditioner with an spf is ridiculously important to me, and this one is great ($26)
2. Fun and bold bathing suits are an absolute essential this summer ($38)
3. A straw fedora is the perfect thing to those summer rays ($16)
4. Plain leather sandals will make walking in sand a piece of cake ($40)
5. A beach cover-up is the easiest way to look chic – without trying at all ($24)
6. I’m always in need of more tops than bottoms (because bottoms are so easy to interchange) this is another great bathing suit top ($38)
7. This sunscreen is perfect, doesn’t make me break out but has spf 55 ($14)
8. A straw tote is the perfect way to carry all your beach necessities ($35 – on sale now!)
9. A beach blanket is necessary to lie on when catching those rays ($29)
10. Sunglasses are probably my second most important item (aside from a bathing suit), because squinting all day is never fun ($5)


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