Night Time

When I hit the ripe age of 20 I started to notice that my skin was changing, predominantly on my face – prior to this I was pretty inconsistent with any face cleansing routine and had the few occasions of sleeping with my makeup on. But, I started to develop some ugly acne and I felt it was about time to start caring for my face. I think I basically tried everything – and nothing was working, especially hard to deal with because I didn’t even know the cause of it. Recently, I found out that it was a hormonal issue and a secret for you (Omega-3 vitamins balances hormones and will remove any hormonal acne).

night time routineOver these past few months I have finally found a couple products that have been working for me!

makeup remover1. First I make sure to take off ALL my makeup with this camomile makeup remover,  it is literally the perfect way to get rid of it all – and is great for my sensitive skin

cleansing2. I made a huge investment and bought a Clarisonic Mia 2, and mixed with my Philosophy Purity cleanser my skin has been making a huge turn around – although it is a slow process, it has really been making a change for the better.

toner3. After I cleanse, I always make sure to tone. It helps restore my skin’s pH levels and gets rid of any leftover dirt that might not have been removed from cleansing. I use the Body Shop’s aloe toner, because after using my Clarisonic, it really helps to soothe my skin.

treatment4. Next, I apply the Body Shop’s tea tree night blemish fade lotion. There is still some acne that hasn’t completely gone away – but it’s a work in progress. I find that this really helps!

moisture5. To bring back some moisture to my face I apply Josie Maran’s light argan oil, it’s the perfect way to bring some radiance back to my face and doesn’t leave my face oily or greasy in any way.

moisture x26. Then I apply my Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging eye cream, which has been a preventative measure for me, trying to get ahead in the game. Last but not least I apply my moisturizer, the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer is one of the best moisturizers I’ve found in a long while. It’s non oily, and helps with acne. After this bottle finishes, I’m thinking of switching to something less abrasive – acne scars are a new problem that I need to deal with!

treatment x2*I have a tube of Proactiv  Advanced Blemish Treatment, which I was using consistently with my acne, but lately I use it more as a spot treatment and it works wonders!

**I will be posting a video next week on how exactly I apply all the products for my pm regime, so stay tuned!


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