Simple Summer Updo

braided updoDuring the summer I find that although I love having longer hair, and having beachy waves it’s almost impossible for me to handle the heat with my hair down, especially with all the humidity. But because I’m not one to complain about the warm weather we’re finally having, I found the perfect way to deal with the heat and still look cute these summer months. This braided updo has become an essential, while I beat this heat!

hair essentialsFirst you want to make sure your hair is a day old at least, braids turn out the best when your hair is not squeaky clean. Next you want to make sure you have all the right tools. These may include some thin elastic bands and bobby pins, they’ll be your best friend.
pigtailNow, part your hair down the middle into two sections, tie one into a pigtail, this just helps keep that hair out of the way when you begin your first braid.
braidingMake sure the braid is tight, it’s always easier to loosen the braid at the end, but you can never tighten it. Secure that braid with a thin elastic band and move onto the second section.
braid securingMake sure you have both braids secure, it’s time to get secure those braids onto your head.
updo workBring one side over the top of your head and secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins.
second sideTake the other braid and bring it across your head, making sure to tuck the ends under the first secured braid. Slip the bobby pins under the other braid to secure.
straighteningThen, if you have some shorter front pieces that couldn’t get into the braids, or you just kept those aside, I curl mine to polish off the look.
Lastly, pin any loose hairs or bumps with bobby pins.
final productYou can also do this look with fishtail braids, but I haven’t mastered those yet, and regular braids are just that much easier!


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