Product Spotlight

Essence-I-Love-Stage-Eyeshadow-BaseGood morning everyone and happy Monday!

Today I have a quick review on the essence eye shadow base that I picked up about a month or two ago.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this product because of the price but I was pleasantly surprised! I never thought I needed a primer until I bought the Smashbox Full Exposure palette and the “crease-less” shadows did in fact crease. So I went along using up the last of my face primer on my eyes for a while until it ran out. Then I wandered into a Shoppers Drugmart and discovered this essence line, a cosmetic line by Shoppers itself. They have a lot of VERY affordable products so I decided to give this a go. The primer completely keeps my eye shadow from creasing all day long, it’s fantastic! The only downside I would have to mention is that it is a little dark for my skin tone and it didn’t come in any other shade, but since it gets covered by eye shadow it doesn’t matter to me all that much.

Oh and the price?

Like $5 or something! Maybe less depending on your location.

I KNOW. I was like, wow. And you need next to nothing to cover the whole lid. THIS THING WILL LAST FOREVER.

So this is why I find it appropriate to put it in the Spotlight!

Have a good Monday!



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