Big Music Fest 2014

20140712_194552It says it all in the title. This weekend I was somehow ridiculously lucky to get to go to the music festival that was held in Kitchener with some free tickets. Although it wasn’t my first choice, I am so happy with the chance to go and spend time with my mom the first night and a friend the second. Styx, Bryan Adams, Slash, Aerosmith, etc. were all amazing and I couldn’t have had a better time! It was definitely a time to remember, hopefully it becomes an annual event!

20140712_194554 20140712_194619 20140712_201355 20140712_211448 20140712_213544 20140712_214623 20140713_212219 20140713_212425 20140713_212755 20140713_213804 20140713_215544 20140713_224917 20140713_225014 20140713_225025 Aerosmith


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