Top two bb creams

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Whatever the time of day it may be for you guys! Since yesterday’s post shared some top foundations of the summer, we thought we’d keep the theme going with the top BB creams.
About a year ago we did an entire blog post dedicated to figuring out the difference BB, CC and DD creams and basically arrived at the conclusion that they’d only be a primer for combination- oily skin people like me. Well that’s what I thought at the time at least until I discovered how effective the Rimmel London Stay Matte BB cream and L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier were for me and my skin.

Rimmel London Stay Matte

I’ve been a fan of this entire line so far and was not disappointed with the matte BB. It was like a gift from above! Although it’s not completely matte and slightly on the orange undertone side, it works the best compared to more expensive options like Garnier and Aveeno. It perfectly evens out the skin tone and adds just the perfect level of coverage for a hot summer day so that the pores aren’t blocked and skin is able to breathe. I still need to powder using the Stay Matte powder however it’s not something I’m not used to at this point.

L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier


Now I have to be honest about this one. I hated it at first! I thought it was completely sheer and I didn’t see the point of wearing it, but now for some reason I love it! I find it’s great for the oily-combo skin type with perfect skin evening abilities! In addition to that, it doesn’t come out orange, just blends perfectly into the skin, and doesn’t clog pores! I’ve just been reaching for this every single day and been really happy with the results. Fair warning, the coverage is not as significant as the Rimmel BB cream and it’s more for tone evening but with some concealer it’s perfectly fine.

So there you have them! My favourite BB creams right now. I hope this was helpful to you guys if you’re on the market for some lightweight coverage this summer and I also hope you have a great day! 😛



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