July Must Haves

Even though we do a Friday Favourites post (almost) every week, these few items are things…my own personal things that I’ve been reaching for everyday this past month.
bucket bag1. This Old Navy bucket bag has literally been the only bag I’ve been using this past month, let’s be honest here…everyday since the beginning of summer. It’s the perfect shade of brown, easy to just throw over my shoulder, and is big enough to carry all my necessities, which sometimes can be plentiful
perfect summer pieces2. These few jewelry pieces are adorable. For the summer, I’m a big fan of rings, multiple rings, and Aldo has a great selection. They’re all so cute and slightly bohemian, which I love for summer. I also love this necklace, daisies are a fun way to bring out the summer in my wardrobe (does that make sense?)
fruity scents3. In the summer, I love fruitier scents, and The Body Shop has a great variety. Satsuma, mango, raspberry are just a few of the ones I currently have in rotation. They just scream summer, and when I spritz on a vanilla scent with it – the scent becomes a little more romantic, the perfect summer scents.
bright lippys4. These bright lippys are so much fun! Brights are my absolute favourite for summer, and only recently have I started to actually experiment and try bright colours. They’re an easy way to brighten your day, dress up for a date night, or even to just have some fun with friends.


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