August Must Haves

scarfLast month I showed you guys a few things that I just couldn’t stop reaching for. First up is this scarf, lately, we have been experiencing some really chilly nights and this scarf has become my new obsession. This scarf alone will keep me warm without adding any extra layers, I can only imagine how it will be when I add a sweater to it – it’s the perfect transitional piece to take me from the end of summer – fall – winter.

headphonesThese headphones are game changers. I just recently got them when I found them on major discount and was ridiculously excited. I have been desperately needing a new pair of headphones since mine broke (forever ago) and could not be happier. They totally look like the perfect accessory, they’re sleek, black and gold, can’t ask for anything more.

bootiesMy suede booties have also been a staple for me this month. I had been wanting the Sam Edelman pair for quite some time but could NOT justify spending the money on them. I knew I would wear them constantly but because they were suede, it was just too tough. But, no worries, because I found these bad boys at Old Navy and noticed the ridiculous amount of similarity they shared with the Sam Edelman pair, plus they are a fraction of the price and bonus, they were on sale…BONUS (round of applause anyone?). They’re super comfy which is always the cherry on my sundae.

perfumeI know I’ve mentioned that I like fruitier scents in the summer time, mainly because they’re lighter and just remind me more of those hot summer days. But when I found this scent, which let me tell you, was completely out of my element. But I decided to go for it anyways, and if I’m going out at night, I make sure to throw it in my bag before I leave and my boyfriend loves it – that’s when you know it’s a keeper.


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