Back-to-School Basics

back-to-school basicsOnce the end of summer hits, I start to get a bit sad. The luxury of; sleeping in, those long warm nights where all you want to do is walk for days, and the ability to not have a care in the world, are all coming to an end. But aside from what’s to come; late nights reading, exams and 15-page papers, there is a nostalgic element when getting ready for school. When I start doing my back-to-school shopping I remember when I used to go with my mom and how ridiculously fun it was, and how I wanted shiny new everything. Now, years later, I may not be grabbing for that barbie pencil case like I did in grade 2, but I will always get that little bit of excitement, like I did in grade 2.

Here are the items on my back-to-school wishlist:
1. Maybe the pencil case will remind me to not forget my glasses…and vice versa? $28
2. Headphones are a must for me, can’t go a day without them $199
3. I like to try and stay organized, and this agenda is too cute to pass up $36
4. A good plaid shirt is the perfect layering buddy, and they’ve become staples in my wardrobe $65
5. A sturdy backpack is absolutely necessary when carrying all your textbooks $248
6. (Cute)track pants, need I say more? $39 (on sale!)


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